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In a perfect world, if you focus on building your business, your stock will take care of itself.  In the real world, executives who believe their stock will take care of itself are usually disappointed.

The fact is, unless you are a Fortune 500 company with established analyst coverage and broad institutional ownership, chances are good that your stock won’t take care of itself no matter how well you run the business.  On the contrary, without a supporting investor relations effort, your shares are more likely to languish in an environment of limited sponsorship and poor liquidity.

Since 1982, Pfeiffer High has been helping small-cap and mid-cap companies throughout the United States build shareholder value through proactive investor relations strategies designed to attract and maintain analyst coverage, institutional interest, brokerage sponsorship, individual investors and media coverage.

Our comprehensive coverage includes:

  • Broker analyst relations
  • Road shows
  • Peer group analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Speaker training
  • Financial writing & script writing
  • News releases
  • Database management
  • Graphic design
  • Annual reports
  • Crisis communications
  • Capital formation
  • IPO planning & support
  • Conference call management
  • IR website management
  • Broadcast fax & e-mail
  • Fulfillment services