Many corporate executives view investor relations as a necessary evil. High on the list of arguments against going public, in fact, is the necessity of dealing with shareholders, brokers and analysts, regulatory authorities and the financial press. Entrepreneurial executives who would prefer to focus strictly on their business often find the investor relations function to be distracting and even overwhelming. In an era when competition for the attention of investors is at an all-time high, the demands and complexities of communicating with multiple audiences through multiple mediums – shareholder reports, news releases, the Internet, wire services and road shows – are increasing dramatically. This has created a special challenge for small companies who don’t have the human and financial resources to effectively manage their investor relations function on an internal basis. Again, the task often falls to the CEO and CFO, who, even if they have the inclination and time to commit to investor relations, may lack the practical skills and technical knowledge to meet minimum communications requirements let alone manage the proactive initiatives often required to fulfill their obligations to shareholders.

Pfeiffer High is set up to help such companies in one of three ways while freeing up executive management to do what they do best – build their businesses.

  • Pfeiffer High can assume a major portion of the investor relations responsibility on an outsource basis under the direction of senior management.
  • Pfeiffer High can assist in-house investor relations managers on an as-needed basis to handle special projects.
  • Pfeiffer High can help a company hire and train a full-time investor relations manager.